Four Facts About the Church of Christ


The Most Important Thing...

If there is an all powerful Creator, then his will for our life is the most important bit of knowledge that anyone could have. If you believe in the God of the Bible -- and I feel like you do or you would not be reading this page -- then you know that the Bible contains God's will for man. Everything written in the pages of the Bible was put there because God wanted it there so that we would have the knowledge of how to have a proper relationship with him. There is no other place you can find his will. The men who wrote the Bible wrote as the Holy Spirit moved them. All other man-made books or creeds have one major flaw...they are written by man, and when man writes, he writes what he feels is right. But God's thinking is different. The point is simple: pleasing God has to be done on his terms, not ours. Therefore, the Bible is the only reliable source of instruction to righteousness.

It is also the only one needed. The Holy Spirit guided the apostles into all truth. When the Scriptures were completed, they alone were able to make complete. Nothing is needed. There is no need for an additional statement of doctrine or creed. And no need for what is sometimes advertised as “another testament of Jesus Christ.” These may contain good ideas and concepts, but they may also include errors.

Here are four facts concerning the church of Christ.

Fact One

Fact Two

Fact Three

Fact Four

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